Unit 1

Subject pronouns

Subject pronouns 2

Verb “to be”

Verb “to be” 2

The United Kingdom

Past of “to be”

Countries and nationalities 1

Countries and nationalities 2

Countries and nationalities 3


More countries and nationalities

Unit 2



Present Simple affirmative 1

Present Simple affirmative 2

Present Simple negative

Present Simple interrogative

Object pronouns

My favourites

I like / I don’t like

Unit 3


What colour is the snow?

Crossword: weather

What’s the weather like?

What’s the weather like? 2

Unit 4

Verbos en -ing

Must / mustn’t

Traffic signs


Unit 5

Present simple

Present simple negative

Daily routines

Present continuous

Present continuous 2

Present continuous 3


What’s the matter?

Unit 6

The human body

More parts of the body

Have got

Unit 7

Jobs: hangman

Jobs: crossword

Jobs: memory game

Jobs and objects


Comparative of adjectivesSuperlative of adjectives

Comparative or superlative

Comparative or superlative game

Unit 9

Dates: how to write them

Dates: how to spell them

Repaso: Past “to be”

Repaso 2: Past “to be”

Crazy test

Crazy test 2

Irregular verbs

Past Simple

Past Simple Quiz

Past Simple Order

Past tense: negative form

Past tense: interrogative form



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