We’ve recently watched these two films. I would like to know your opinion about them, but first let’s watch a clip of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and answer the following questions.

This song is called “I’ve just seen a face”. Find the lyrics and translate it (do not use a “traductor”, please).

Tell me the titles of more Beatles songs that appear in this film, for example “Hey, Jude”. Which ones do you like most?

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Watch the trailer:

Danny Boyle is the director of this film. Tell me the names of other films directed by him.

Find out about the child actors, the ones playing Jamal, Salim and Latika. They went to Hollywood to the Oscars ceremony. What happened after that? Are they still living in the “slums” of Mumbai?

Dev Patel plays Jamal Malik and Frieda Pinto plays Latika. Are both of them Indian? Where are they from?

Did you like the films? Why / Why not? Give me your opinion.




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