Unit 1



Answer questions about countries, nationalities and languages

Crosswords 1 (countries and nationalities)

Crosswords 2 (countries…)

Crosswords 3 (countries…)



Hangman (countries)

Plurals 1

Plurals 2

Números ordinales y cardinales

Presente Simple


Verbo “to be”

United Kingdom

Unit 2

Parts of the body

Possessive case 1

Possessive case 2

Possessive adjectives 1

Possessive adjectives 2

Possessive adjectives 3

Possessive adjectives 4

Possessive adjectives 5

Possessive adjectives and pronouns

The Simpsons

Unit 3



Present Simple affirmative

Present Simple affirmative 2

Present Simple negative

Present Simple interrogative

Object pronouns

My favourite things

What they like and don’t like

Unit 4

Present continuous affirmative

Present continuous mistakes

Contrast between present simple and present continuous

Present Simple or Present Continuous

Present continuous questions

More present continuous


Vocabulary related to airports

Going to

Going to 2

Unit 5


Clothes quiz

Crossword: clothes

Present Continuous

Present Continuous 2

Present Continuous 3

Must / mustn’t

Traffic signs

Adverbs of frequency

Position of adverbs of frequency

Have to

Unit 6

Listening: Directions

Prepositions 1

Preposition 2

Unit 7

Irregular verbs

Regular and irregular verbs

Crazy quiz

Crazy quiz 2

Past simple

Who were they?

More past simple


Past Simple Quiz

Past Simple Game

More Past Simple exercises 

-ed pronunciation


Unit 8


Vocabulary: food

Memory game: food


Countable or  uncountable nouns?

Some & Any

There is / There are

Too / enough

Unit 9


Listen and spell game

Comparative of adjectives

Future: “will”

Future “will” 2

Conditional sentences

Conditional sentences 2

Unit 10

Comparative or superlative

Comparative or superlative game


Comparative and superlative quiz

Present Perfect quiz

Present Perfect: matching

Present Perfect: memory game

Forming the Present Perfect

Present Perfect affirmative

Present Perfect negative & interrogative

Unit 11

Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz 2

Animal Quiz 3

Crosswords: animals

Unit 12

Past continuous

Past continuous affirmative

Past continuous. A difficult exercise

Past simple / past continuous. An easy exercise

Past continuous. Matching exercise

Past simple / Past continuous. Complete the text.

Past simple / Past continuous. Questions and anwers




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